Leading from Love Retreat

9-11 November 2022 in Aix-en-Provence, France


In this program we will explore the Leading from Love territory with a map called ‘The 9 Boxes’ which serves as both a diagnostic tool and an action framework.

Rather than focusing on theory, we will use direct experience appealing to both the intellectual, emotional and the physical parts of our being, to create transformational learning and insights.

CAMP 1 – A 3-day introductory retreat to The 9 Boxes framework and the foundation of leading from Love; connecting with self, others and systems.

CAMP 1 will be followed by two more retreats for a deeper exploration and a project in your community context.

The term Leading from Love can not be reduced to a simple definition. Instead, it is an integration of notions that enrich one another.

  • A way of being in the world that connects us to ourselves, others and the living planet, fed by care and compassion.
  • A movement that brings people together, creating spaces to open our hearts and minds putting love in the center.
  • A community for personal and collective healing and growth.
  • A process in which people can explore, listen, dialogue and find pathways to lead their lives and relationships from love.
  • A way of living from an expanded sense of awareness, which requires us to notice what is the past that we are bringing into our future that causes us discontent or suffering so that we can transform it.
  • An approach to leadership development that sees individuals as whole and complete; bringing different techniques to individually and collectively explore the power love can bring about
Our work is based on love, leadership and leadership for sustainability.

When we talk about Love we mean a force that comes from within ourselves and permeates our relationships with self, others and the living planet with compassion and care. Love as the act of deep listening. Love as the act of looking at each other and the world around us with wonder and curiosity. Love as the essence of the interconnectedness of the web of life. Love as the experience of the expansion of our sense of self that welcomes all that is. Love as the opposite of fear. Love as the experience of unity. Love as the fuel for courage and commitment to reconnect to our loving-kindness nature.


When we talk about Leadership we mean the willingness and capacity to crane our heads and look forward to our next experience and show up to it fully. To step courageously into the future that is awaiting for us to manifest. Leadership is the act of stepping into every moment with presence and integrity. And as such, leadership is available to us all at all times.


Leadership towards Sustainability is much in demand as care for the future of the planet is taking center stage in many organizations.

The growing divides of our times on personal, social and environmental levels demand of us that we develop new ways of leadership.

A leadership that fuels courage and commitment needed for purposeful action in service of a regenerative planet and a flourishing future for our children and our children’s children.

Are you Curious?

WHAT: 3-day full-immersion retreat
WHEN: 9, 10 & 11 November 2022
WHERE: The Camp, Aix-en-Provence, France 
Price: € 2500

Set in 7 acres of nature between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, The Camp’s futuristic architecture reminds us of nomadic camps, for their versatility and symbiosis with the environment. The Camp is a hub for “Enabling humans for tomorrow” where meetings, entrepreneurship and education come together to work towards a more humane and sustainable future.

The Camp is just 10 mins from Aix TGV train station and 20 mins from Marseille Airport.
See https://www.thecamp.fr/seminaires-evenements/nos-espaces-daccueil for more information


The work we do goes beyond training. Through the latest instruments and facilitation methods and with a team of world-class facilitators, we deliver contextually relevant and experiential learning that ignites transformation and a life-long journey developing the deepest expression of leadership in you:

  • Taking responsibility for issues in the world that you care for
  • Translating your ideas into an compelling vision and action
  • Knowing how to create safe spaces wherever you go
  • Being present to your needs, those of others and the system around you
  • Find ways to contribute towards a sustainable and regenerative future in a genuine way


  • Learn ways to bring love into their leadership role and/or organisation
  • Learn practices that will sustain a safe and healthy atmosphere in the workplace
  • Want to (re)new their sense of direction and purpose
  • Live a life contributing towards a regenerative future in a genuine way
  • Take leadership in an area of their life that they care for
  • To fully utilise their leadership potential
  • Find a team/tribe working towards a regenerative future.


Over 7 years ago Diamond Leadership Academy started hosting leadership bootcamps, to democratize leadership development and to unlock human potential in Africa.
Since 2020 we have evolved and have become a team of 5 people and created an approach to leadership called LEADING FROM LOVE.


  • Payment at once in full
  • Payment twice (€1250 before 25 September and €1250 before 15 October)

Payments to:
Diamond Leadership Academy, Cooperation UA

Avenue Louise 54, Room S52
1050 Brussels

IBAN: BE02 9672 2243 8140
VAT number: NL862884755B01
Registration number Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands (KvK): 83465456

Cancellation policy:
Until 9 October 100% refund
Until 15 October 50% refund
Until 31 October 25% refund
After 1 November no refund