Leading from Love Conversations

Are you wondering how to have a meaningful conversation around the repercussions of lockdown at the workplace?

The questions

  • How to process the experiences during the Covid-19 period
  • How to (re)connect in a hybrid work environment
  • How to redefine safety
  • How to deal with uncertainty and complexity
  • How to renew relationships
  • How to bring a new self and new insights into the workplace
  • How to shape the future

The focus

  • To rejuvenate and re-energize individuals and teams
  • To bring wellbeing by allowing folks to re-connect by being attentive to their needs and those of others

The process

  • Workshops in teams with an “experience” for the participants
  • The goal of each workshop is to create a safe space for making sense of the last 18 months and to be able to carry out a wellbeing self-diagnosis
  • Through experiential exercises and contemplative practices, we create new levels of energy and vitality
  • We “pass on” the tools and methodology for the participants to create a similar experience for their colleagues.

The outcomes

  • Gain skills to have meaningful conversations
  • Know how to nourish relationships online & offline
  • Create connection amongst colleagues
  • Awareness of parameters of wellbeing 
  • Ability to introspect and to detect issues in wellbeing
  • Ability to listen empathetically to others

If you are interested in bringing this process into your team, organization and/or community, connect with us by clicking below.