Give Power to LOVE!

In the face of the social and environmental disruption, a new story is emerging in the world.

A story about the need to move away from fear and competition towards love and collaboration.

A story about us all taking responsibility to resolve the complex challenges we face today together.

A story about us all taking leadership in our lives, our organisations and our communities to co-create the future we want.

A story about us all choosing love as the source of our actions.

This requires an approach that inspires and connects us all, the Leading from Love approach.

Why now?


Individual fear, social polarisation and ecological disruption are on the rise. 

The increasing disconnection at the three levels is at the center of the planetary challenges we face.

We believe in the power of love as the vehicle to reconnect to ourselves, others and the living planet. 

Our approach


We believe in the TRANSFORMATIONAL POWER of choosing LOVE as the source of our way of being and interacting with the world within and around us to create positive change.

Leading from Love is a way of being, a movement, a journey in which we explore, contemplate, listen, dialogue and find pathways to manifest the power of love.

We co-create and facilitate safe spaces where everyone is empowered to lead from love, practice it and commit to it. And from this expanded awareness of love, provide individuals and collectives with the support needed to find innovative ways to be part of the transition towards a regenerative future.


Everyone is a leader


Leadership is the willingness to crane our heads to look forward to our next experience and show up to it fully. Sensing and stepping courageously into the future that is awaiting for us to manifest.”  – Leading from Love team

We advocate for a leadership that emanates from love

Guiding principles

Everyone is a leader

everyone is whole and creative

We become what we practice

Trust is the foundation for connection

Connection feeds wellbeing

Integrity as our way to show up

Systems regeneration as our north star

Our focus

Building safe spaces – to build trust and relax the body

Suspending judgement – to open mind and heart

Contemplative practices – to expand awareness, presence, sensibility

Deep listening – to foster reflection and understanding

Observing from multiple perspectives – to broaden the gaze

Vision and action for the future – to engage with what is wanting to emerge

Is this for you?

We believe that our approach can support individuals, teams, organizations and communities that…


Are curious and want to explore what Leading from Love could mean for you and your team, organisation or community.

Want to leverage the leadership potential in all of the members of your team, community or organisation.

Want to host dialogue/ conversations that impact and accelerate sustainability culture and goals.

Are in need of caring ways “to hospice” the unintended consequences of the systems we are in (lack of engagement, stress, conflict).

Are dealing with complexity, running into a coordination problem and finding that solutions that seemed to work in the past don’t offer any relief anymore.

Want to transform your team, organisation or community to a place where people are fully self-expressed, thrive and care for themselves, each other and the planet.

Are invested in taking the wellbeing of the people in your team, organisation or community to the next level.

Want to upgrade to and create more sustainable and innovative culture and operating structures, processes, principles in your organisation or community.