You are in the right place if you ...

  • Are curious and want to explore what Leading from Love could mean for you and your team, organisation or community

  • Want to leverage the leadership potential in all of the members of your team, community or organisation
  • Want to host dialogue/ conversations that impact and accelerate sustainability culture and goals 
  • Are invested in taking the wellbeing of the people in your team, organisation or community to the next level
  • Are dealing with complexity, running into a coordination problem and finding that solutions that seemed to work in the past don’t offer any relief anymore
  • Want to transform your team, organisation or community to a place where people are fully self-expressed, thrive and care for themselves, each other and the planet
  • Are in need of caring ways “to hospice” the negative results of the systems we are in (lack of engagement, stress, conflict)
  • Want to upgrade to and create more sustainable and innovative culture and operating structures, processes, principles in your organisation or community.