We seek change when things are not working for us, when we feel discontent. And as we can’t change what we are not aware of, the first step is to come in contact with what is. We must get in touch with the discomfort and bring it into our awareness so that we can then start to transform it.

An invitation.

In Leading from Love, we invite people into transformational journeys. Journeys that happen in community, where individuals become resources for each other. Journeys that ask to be embraced with courage and vulnerability, with the willingness to invite our whole selves. 

We acknowledge that this can be far from an easy task to do. Since on one hand, there is groundwork needed for many people to invite all the parts of who they are and to open up and begin to trust those around them. This is why we give primordial importance to the quality of the space we invite people into:

A space where we choose to act from love over and over again. 

Where practice deep-listening and non-violent communication, suspend our judgements and where there is genuine respect for diversity as well as acknowledgement of the different realities. We give great focus to contemplative practices that soothe our nervous systems and support us in integrating those parts of who we are that are not always invited. We take time to ground and resource ourselves with mindfulness and gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

How to step into the journey?

We step into the exploration that drives transformation by acknowledging that the same way we are aware of our discomfort, we know that there is an end to it. Therefore, why not dream a better future into being before facing what’s not working for us? There is value in beginning by imagining what is possible ahead of us when embarking on a transformational journey. Together with others, we articulate what our hopes, needs and wishes for the future are. When was the last time you tapped into the power of moral imagination, of envisioning what you want from a joyful and hopeful place? We become limited by the fear and hopeless narratives that bombard us every day. However, we can choose to be part of a different story. Dreaming a better future into being is not a naive act, instead a courageous one. Getting into an abundance mindset that impregnates our minds with “terrifying possibilities”.

And here comes the moment when many of us flee, fight or freeze. The moment when we must look at discomfort face to face. When seeking transformation, we have to embrace this moment with presence and self-awareness. Get in touch with its fullness. Uncover what the origins of discomfort are, investigate and get to understand them. This step of the journey asks for spaciousness and perseverance. Keeping in mind a precious sentence by Bayo Akomolafe “slowing down in urgent times” can support us along the way.

As this process of “getting in touch” gives us a new awareness and likely some clarity and confidence over the situation we are looking at, we can start thinking of different ways to get to the future we envision beyond our current place of discomfort. These new ways of being and acting could also be nourished by new and/or deeper aspirations that shape the way we want to move forward. Committing to bringing forth our actions is key. And here is when we once again experience the value of the collective, of “doing this in communion”. We hold each other accountable. Becoming part of each other’s new narratives as we listen to and share with.

Transformational journeys happen in community.

They hold space for individual and collective quest. And it becomes necessary to voice over and over again that creating a safe space for it to happen is like preparing the soil for seeds to grow. By creating the conditions that allow us to look at our shadow side/s; give us time to uncover blind spots; and encourage us to self-express what we have been repressing inside, we can make room for transformation and growth.

The voice of fear might hold us back to step into the journey and yet, we can choose to listen to it and step into the unknown with the courage that it takes. Is your time to embark on this journey knocking at the door?