Leading from love is a unique approach to leadership development that sees individuals as whole and complete and brings different tools to individually and collectively explore the power love can bring about. A way of creating regenerative interactions and connecting people and their strengths.

In its broader sense, Leading from Love is about a way of being in the world that connects us to ourselves, others and the living planet in a caring and compassionate way.

A movement that brings people into relationship and invites them to open hearts and minds putting love in the center.

A space for personal and collective healing and growth.

A process in which we co-create a space for people to express themselves and listen to each other.

A way of living our lives from an expanded sense of awareness, which requires us to notice what might be the past that we are bringing into our future, that causes us to experience discontent or suffering. A discontent that once we have brought into awareness we can start to transform. 

Who is capable of being a leader?

We believe everyone is a leader and see leadership as the willingness and capacity to crane our heads, look forward to our next experience and show up to it fully: to step courageously into the future that is awaiting for us to manifest.

The leadership we advocate for requires us to pay attention and listen deeply to understand what we and others see, hear and feel. It encompasses striving for opening our hearts and minds, suspending prejudices and reducing our blindspots so that we can relate to ourselves, others and the planet from a heightened awareness.

This awareness simultaneously helps us to unveil the mental conditionings and emotional afflictions that prevent us from connecting with our inner wisdom and confidence that guides our actions. We believe that Leadership is also about being present in the moment with self-awareness and integrity. And as such, available to us all at all times.

We advocate for a leadership that emanates from love.

Love as a force that comes from within ourselves and permeates our relationships with self, others and the living planet with compassion and care.

Love as the act of deep listening.

Love as the radical act of befriending every experience.

Love as the act of looking at each other and the world around us with wonder and curiosity.

Love as the core essence of the interconnectedness of the web of life.

Love as an act of life.

Love as the experience of the expansion of our sense of self that welcomes all that is.

Love as the opposite of fear.

Love as fuel for authenticity and integration.

Love as the experience of unity.

Love as a source for courage and commitment to reconnect to our compassionate nature.

We see that Love has been typically reserved to be mainly expressed in our close relationships, such as family and friends; which has shrinked its meaning and wide-encompassing power. Already in Ancient Greece, eight types of love were differentiated: Eros (sensual passion); Ludus (playful love); Philautia (self-love); Storge (parental love); Philia (deep friendship); Mania (obsessive love); Agape (boundless love for everyone and everything); Pragma (commitment to love in every situation). Our understanding of love resonates with the latter two. 

To bring Leadership and Love together takes individual and collective practice.

We operate from the assumption that we learn, develop and transform our thinking and our behaviors systemically; in groups with people we can relate to.

So for us, the quality of the space that nourishes and enhances the capacity of people to connect with themselves and each other is the key component to bring forth this approach.