Our manifesto

We believe in the transformational power of putting love at the center of our way of being and interacting with the world within us and around us.

We have experienced the power of making the choice to engage from love and we want to invite everyone to experience, practice and commit to it.

Our reason for being is a deep trust in human’s compassionate nature.

We are convinced that love is the true essence that is at the core of all of us and that we can choose to lead our lives and act in the outer world from that place.

We trust in the power of stories. In the power of a story that is not new to us, but that has been lurking in the shadows.

A story that speaks of love as the universal source of all life and a gateway to tap into our inner resources to manifest a life-sustaining future.

Once we shift the fear narrative in our minds -the narrative that holds us from genuine self-expression and elicits bad-othering- and instead feed the story of the boundless power of love to transform what doesn’t serve life, we can align with the flow of life and with our purpose on Earth.

We co-create and hold the conditions for ourselves and others to explore what is preventing us from standing on the power of love and how we can cultivate the inner and outer conditions to enhance our wellbeing, that of others and that of the living planet.

We believe that when we act from love, we cultivate the reconnection with ourselves, others and the living planet.

Even though love is our true nature, we are in many ways conditioned to forget about it.

We believe that to overcome the myriad layers of conditionings that blind us to that truth, we need to recognize what hinders our capacity to live from love, allow it to surface and look at it from a place of love.

We believe that we can tap into the power of love when we co-create spaces where we open our hearts and minds; we can be ourselves; there is genuine respect for diversity; we find purpose and joy; we find self-actualization; we find wellbeing and caring; we nourish ourselves; we embody interconnectedness; we can put fear aside; we can express everything that is alive in us.

We are love warriors stepping into the now with a fierce trust in love as the essential element that guides the transition from Ego to Ecosystems.