If you haven’t read our latest blog post, I highly suggest you do it before you continue here!

As shared in that post, personal development has a lot to do with discovering behaviours and habits that are no longer working for us. 

Personal development is also about discovering the limiting beliefs that hinder our capacity to see with clarity how to best relate to our present experience. 

As the word shows by itself “limiting” beliefs are those beliefs that -in one way or the other- hold us back without being able to rationalize it. They can prevent us from making good choices and seeing opportunities. They also have the power to fixate us on negativity bias and increase our inability to listen to others with openness. And what can be most pervasive about limiting beliefs is that oftentimes, we are not even aware of them. 

How can we get to shine the light of awareness on those limiting beliefs then? Instead of just talking about it, I invite you to practice with me. After all, it is by looking closely that we get to experience their “stickiness”.

Hence, may I ask you to give me a couple of minutes to guide you through a practice.

Firstly, sit in silence and set the intention to remove the beliefs that create a barrier between yourself and being present to life.

Secondly, take a couple of deep breaths and then slowly resume the natural rhythm of your breath. By doing this you will increase presence towards your inner experience.

Now, bring to mind a situation in life that makes you reactive, where you feel stuck or triggered and ask yourself:

What is my belief in this situation?

Embrace whatever comes to mind: “that person is wrong”; “I am not enough”; “this behaviour is unfair”; …

Is is true?

How long has this belief been there? 

Is it conditioned by society, past experience,…?

What is it like to live with this belief? 

How does it feel in the body to live with this belief?

What are the emotions that come with it?

Bring awareness and acceptance to whatever is arising.

And finally ask

What would my life be like without this belief?

Now, I kindly ask you to grab a pen & paper or open a note in your laptop to journal and reflect on the following question:

How was the experience & what commitment can you make to transform the limiting belief that you have observed -if any-?

Borrowing the words of Louise Hay “If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you” hence, it is important to remain alert to the appearance of limiting beliefs as they can overshadow our capacity to stay present to what is happening in the moment with an open mind.

Do you want to keep practicing? 

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