Why now?

A new story is emerging in the world. This story is about the transition from fear and competition towards love and collaboration. A story about us all taking responsibility to resolve the complex challenges we face today. A story about us all taking leadership in our lives, our organisations and our communities to co-create the future we want. About us all choosing love as a source for our actions. 

Human nature at its source level is loving and compassionate. And yet, even though we all have access to this deeper source dimension, we typically reserve it to be expressed only in closer relationships and on special occasions. Fear-based narratives have captivated our hearts and minds eliciting self-criticism and bad-othering, keeping us away from genuine self-expression and befriending our experience.

The growing disconnect in the relationships we have with ourselves, others and the living planet causes inumerable personal, social and environmental disruptions. 

On a personal level we have come to realize that we have lost connection with ourselves, our highest aspirations and feelings, resulting in soaring stress-related diseases, anxiety, depression, suicides and burn-out.

On a societal level we are seeing the effects of disconnection in ever more individualized communities, in which the distribution of wealth has never been more unbalanced and polarisation, populism and loneliness are on the rise.

And on an ecological level we are becoming more and more aware of the disruptive consequences of our behavior, such as climate change, air and water pollution and loss of biodiversity.